Map of Tonga in the South Pacific

Map of Tonga in the South Pacific

Sunday, September 23, 2012

We're Tongan!

The last week of the term 3 at my primary school it was decided that we'd highlight and celebrate what is being learned this year by some friendly competition in the different curricular areas: English, Tongan Society and Culture, Tongan, math and science. Each day we took an hour at the end of the day for each class to have a short competition. For example, the English contest for Form1 and 2 was writing a poem in English on "Discipleship."  They had 24 hours to write and submit it.  Younger students showed off their knowledge by participating in a matching game of words to pictures.

The day everyone really shone was Wednesday when students were asked to dress in traditional Tongan dress instead of uniforms. We started the day with Tongan music and a parade of classes marching around the school area. There was so much pride and excitement!
Students of class one getting ready to parade

A class 3 on parade.

Form 2 

After other classes competed, Form 2 concluded the day with Tongan songs and  a dance. 

The Form 2 boys take part, too, in the dance.

Form 2 provides a song and Tongan dance.
The highlight of Tongan Society and Culture was a competition between Class 5 and 6. They made coconut cream, starting with husking the coconut, opening it, grating the coconut, and then using coconut fibers to make the cream. They weren't done until it was all cleaned up. There was a lot of cheering and laughing!
Grating coconut.

Grating coconut.

Making the coconut cream.

We have a week holiday and it's back for term 4.  Stay tuned.

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