Map of Tonga in the South Pacific

Map of Tonga in the South Pacific

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Viva Vava'u!

We have crossed another item off our "Things we must do before we leave Tonga" list. We visited Vava'u. This island group is to the north of Tongatapu and Ha'apai. Although we planned on one week, it was extended by two days due to a plane cancellation. Not to worry! An extra two days in Vava'u? Yes!

Here are a few photos. If you're ever in the area, be sure to see Vava'u, preferably from a boat. We took two days to tour, snorkel, and visit various islands and beaches. I'll be writing more about some special people and places, but here's a pictorial overview:

The view from our porch at Mystic Sands Resort.

Don, Hakau Adventures, showed us islands, beaches, and where to snorkel.

Coral Gardens snorkeling.
Want to own your own island? Ben does. He and his wife are building here. Beautiful plans and dreams!

One view from Ben's island. It's about a 5min. walk around the whole thing.

Disappearing Island. Ocean in all directions as we explored this sand bar that comes and goes with the tide.

Welcome to Port Wine Guest House in Neiafu. My favorite place to stay (so far).

The living area at Port Wine.
A visit to Heilala Vanilla Plantation.

A view of Neiafu's harbor.
Pay dirt! Neiafu has a public library!

Children's drawings displayed in the library. Note the book shelves you can see through the pass-through window.
The dream, vision, and work of one man. What a treasure!

Here's the man who made it all happen--Hanitelo.
The view of the ocean from the Botanical Garden. The man is bringing in pandanus that has been soaking in the sea.

Last stop, and part of the unexpected 2 extra days. Breakfast at Island Explorer.


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