Map of Tonga in the South Pacific

Map of Tonga in the South Pacific

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Father's Day, Tonga

Father's Day is the Sunday after Mother's Day here. It's nice having 1st the Children's Sunday, then the Mother's, and followed by the Father's, all in May. (Mother's Day here is the same date as in the U.S.) The day before, Sione came to Jim and asked him to read a scripture in church (in English, of course.) He agreed and looked it up and practiced reading it. Sione, as the sexton of the church, and a lay pastor, would be conducting the Father's Day Service. That morning the men of the church sang the special music, and there was also a baptism. Usually the parents of the child being baptized wear white, but as we are still mourning King George Tupou V, black is the correct color.  Families then go home to a special dinner and cake to honor the father.

So Father's Day here is over for this year, but Happy Father's Day to all! Don't know if that ever gets said enough.
Sione leads the worship service.

Jim reading scripture.

A member of the congregation, and an administrator at TIST where Jim works, makes the weekly announcements.

Sione gives the Children's Sermon using a broom and the song "Holy Spirit Sweep Over My Soul".
The children sing the song in Tongan and English with motions.

Sione and Belinda standing outside the church after the service.

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