Map of Tonga in the South Pacific

Map of Tonga in the South Pacific

Monday, November 28, 2011

Let's have some fun!

Last week exams were over and the days became unstructured and long. Why not have some fun? Our principal decided we’d have some sport competitions. The day before all the students, from class 1 to form 2, were divided into 4 groups and told to wear white, red, yellow, or blue shirts the next day. 
Some of the red teammates getting ready to compete.

After school got started the next morning, everyone came outside and gathered in their teams by color. There was singing, marching, and cheering. Then the games began. Our principal had been able to use some end-of-the-year money to purchase sport equipment and the timing was wonderful. (I hadn’t seen any equipment that belonged to the school before this.) Students competed in volleyball, tennis, ping pong, jumping rope, and relays.
The blue and white teams running relays.

Jump rope competition.

A teacher takes a turn at ping pong--not easy when you're holding an umbrella, but it was sunny.
 The teachers set up a radio and we had music blaring all over the playground. (At one point it was “Achy breaky heart.”) By the end of the morning, the games were over, but the students continued to play and have fun on their own. During lunch there were pick-up games of soccer and rugby. 
Always time for rugby!

 I am always pleased at how well they take turns and rarely complain about whose turn is next. Everyone just wants to have fun!

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