Map of Tonga in the South Pacific

Map of Tonga in the South Pacific

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Soup? Yes, soup!

Sweet corn soup
A recipe in the blog? Well, it’s not something I ever thought about, but an experience I had leads us to a recipe for sweet corn soup. It’s too good not to share.
I got a call from our Peace Corps programming and training officer about a church women’s group that was meeting that evening to talk about healthy eating and cooking. She had heard of my interest in this, and wondered if I’d like to attend. Of course. I called the hostess and we made arrangements for me to be picked up to go to her home.
In addition to her, her husband, and four women from the church, a man with big boxes full of food and cooking utensils arrived. A Fijian of Chinese descent, Roland loves to cook and share his knowledge of preparing good food and encourage healthy eating. What a treat! He made two courses: sweet corn soup, and stir fried chicken and vegetables. Delicious! As he cooked, we asked questions about his ingredients and methods, and he gave us tips and ideas.
It was wonderful to be among a group of people, just chatting and enjoying the evening and the tasty food. I’m sorry I didn’t take pictures, but here’s the recipe. We had it last night and loved it. It’s a comfort food and easy to make. It can be a “pantry recipe” with a few adjustments. I’ll add those ideas in. If you make it, think of us and Tonga!
Sweet corn chicken soup (Taught by Roland and suggested options by Lynn)
Bones from 2 kg chicken legs (or any chicken broth) He deboned the chicken to use that for another recipe.
Chicken from bones after boiling, i.e., the meat left on bones after deboning.  (or leftover or canned chicken)
1 can creamed corn
4-6 eggs, depending on size and preference
Salt to taste
Spring (green) onions, chopped
Sesame oil for seasoning at the end. This is an important “extra” to get that authentic taste.
4 T. cornflour (otherwise known as cornstarch)
Put boiling water over bones and continue to boil at least 10 min. Meanwhile add the can of creamed corn. Add salt. After boiling remove the bones and set aside. Mix the eggs and add salt and pepper. While the broth continues to cook add and stir the eggs into it. Add cornflour to cool water and stir to mix. Add to the broth mixture and bring to a boil. It should only slightly thicken the broth to give it some body. Shred any chicken left on the bones and add (or add your canned or leftover cooked chicken). Add the chopped green onions. Add a small amount of sesame oil to finish.
He taught it this way to make it a week-night supper, and it’s very budget-friendly, but you can adjust it to your time needs. If you use canned broth and canned chicken, this would be an easy meal to put together anytime. Just keep the ingredients on hand.

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